One man rule

Published 3:57 pm Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Since when does one man (the president) get to unilaterally call the shots?

For example: 7/30/18 If “I” don’t get the money to build “my” wall “I’ll” have no problem shutting down the government. “I’ll” have a military parade marching down the streets of Washington, D.C. (to the tune of many millions of dollars). “I’ll” give the farmers, hurt by my tariffs, $12 billion (where does that money come from?). “I’ll” command Jeff Sessions to declare Zero Tolerance at the southern border and take the kids away from their parents. (Again, where does the money come from to house and maintain the children?) “I’ll” go around Congress and declare another tax cut for the rich.

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Now, it’s the president trying to dictate to California how to fight forest fires and what water to use. The list goes on and on. Do we not have a Congress? Where are the Senators and the Congressmen? Shouldn’t Congress have a say in these matters? How can our “dear leader” decree, and his will be done? Are there no checks and balances? Have we all been duped into thinking we pay our Legislative Branch for something? Maybe so.

Carol Fauci