Politics rules the day

Published 12:03 pm Thursday, July 19, 2018

Let’s face it, everything in America has become political. From kneeling football players to stores refusing to sell assault style guns to where one decides to eat dinner in Lexington!

Politics is behind removing Confederate statues, renaming schools and rewriting history. James Comey and Peter Strzok of the FBI proved that even the highest levels of law enforcement are politically partisan.

The Justice Dept. (when run by Loretta Lynch) was readily bought and sold by Bill Clinton for political gains. The politically biased left leaning media would sooner amputate their typing fingers than write or say anything good about Republicans in general or Trump in particular.

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Late night or day time talk shows along, with Hollywood elites, are all in political lock-step mocking or deriding Trump along with the Republican Party. Colleges across America have nearly all become institutions of higher Socialist studies and bastions of leftist-liberal learning. Political divisiveness has crept into every corner of American life.

With this huge phalanx the left/Democratic party has effused throughout America to politically indoctrinate impressionable or moldable minds to buy into the “virtues” of a Socialist society; it’s nearly comical to hear their tirades of how the Russians have upset the “balance” of politics by targeting the Democrats.

By all indications, the Russians did play a part in influencing the U.S. 2016 presidential election but, only by revealing the political corruption of Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Why a communist country would want to expose the ugly underbelly of the politically like-minded Democratic operations here in America is a mystery. As alarming as Russian spyware was and is, it was refreshing to see that ability revealing troubling truths concerning the Clinton crime syndicate just prior to the election.

The Democrats and leftist media were/are embarrassed their political pants were so easily pulled down exposing so many bare facts likely costing them the election of Hillary. Just the same, Russian spying was made easier by Hillary’s “extremely careless handling of classified material” … as Comey admonished.

Political motives can come from unlikely people in unlikely ways. During the second World War, the United States gave large amounts of military supplies to Russia to defend against Hitler’s war machine. It was a painful betrayal soon later to have Russia turn against the U.S. in many world conflicts, most notably Vietnam. Russian involvement in the last U.S. presidential election, (however intrusive) did perform as investigative reporters on Clinton corruption.

Russia waking America up to Hillary’s dark sides could be considered the first genuine good faith repayment to America since WWII. In this, “political everything” world, Trump has precious few allies and a wide array, of political enemies here in America. Trumps seeming admiration of Putin is not an indication of complicity in hacking DNC computers nor any “bed fellow” comradery with this long avowed foe. More likely a superficial gesture of appreciation for a rare political favor.

KARL SCHMIDT lives in Prince Edward County. His email address is tenbears@centurylink.net.