THE WORD: Faith opens the door

Published 8:20 am Thursday, June 7, 2018

Matthew 9

The subject of this article of encouragement may sound like one is preaching to the choir. However, so often along our Christian journey when the subject of “faith” surfaces, invariably its definition comes to the forefront for discussion or the fact that our faith has been attacked, shaken, challenged or even crushed. But simply knowing that faith is the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen” is not the catalyst to victory lane for our struggles and trials. One should be constantly aware of the fact that it takes a human response through “faith” which opens the door for God’s power to do its work. The fact that we understand its definition, and that our faith constantly undergoes challenges, attacks and the like is secondary to the fact that we should truly be constantly aware of its importance to us as God’s inspirited beings to know that the onus is always upon us to respond appropriately to challenges and needs from the Lord by putting our faith in action, which opens the door for God’s power to do its work on our behalf.

Matthew Chapter 9 speaks directly of this importance of faith as a human response that opens the door for God’s power to do its work through profound examples. The faith of the paralytic and his friends brought both forgiveness and the restoration of health (9:1-7). The faith of the grief-stricken ruler made possible our Lord’s restoration of his daughter to life (9:18-19). The faith of the woman with the issue of blood for 12 long years brought healing to her body (9:20-22). The faith of the two blind men who were seeking their sight was rewarded by Christ (9:27–30). All the foregoing miraculous acts of the Lord Jesus Christ were initiated by a human overt action which opened the door to the movement of his power.

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I submit that as we journey during through our daily struggles, trials, sickness and countless uncertainties of life, be reminded of how vitally imperative it is to treasure the importance of faith and the fact that you and I hold the key to opening the door to God’s power to do its work on our behalf.

As inscribed in Matthew the accounts of the foregoing miracles; you and I could also pen various accounts of the power of God working miracles in our life as well. They may not make the gospels but certainly they can be published in our testimonies as to the Lord’s pervasive power at work in our lives. And the catalyst of it all was our human response (putting faith in action) which opened the door to God’s power to work in our behalf. When have you last opened the door to his power? Why not today?

Rev. Dr. James Taylor is pastor of Jericho Baptist Church in Farmville His email is: