Edmondston will run for clerk

Published 12:57 pm Thursday, June 7, 2018

With nearly 22 years of experience working in the banking industry and currently holding a position in public administration — working as an assistant county administrator — C.T. “Nicci” Edmondston has announced her candidacy for the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court in Buckingham County.

C.T. “Nikki” Edmondston

According to Edmondston, who’s lived in Buckingham County her entire life — graduating from Buckingham County High School and attending Longwood College before working 20 years in the finance industry — many people approached her to consider running after the decision of longtime Clerk Malcolm A. Booker Jr. to retire.

“I’m so humbled that so many good people of this community have asked me to run for this very important position,” Edmondston said. “It’s a decision I’ve talked to my family at length about, and one I’ve prayed over constantly.”

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“With my background in banking, public administration and business, and my unwavering commitment to quality customer service, I have every intention of leading the office in a professional manner based on three pillars: integrity, equality and transparency.”

Edmondston has experience in settlement of estates, auditing and operational standards and functions, accounting, retail and commercial loan applications and portfolio management, acquisition and retention of client accounts, human resources, facilities management, customer service relations, leadership and management, internal controls and risk management.

In her role as Assistant County Administrator and Finance and Human Resources Director for Cumberland County, she is responsible for budget operations, working with county department leaders daily, payroll, benefits, state reporting, health insurance, coaching staff, employee growth and fulfillment, economic development and working daily with the public.

“In short, I firmly believe Nicci is the best person to lead this integral office based on her having worked for years in the financial, business and public administration sectors,” said Thomas “Jordan” Miles III, who is serving as Edmondston’s campaign manager. “With her stellar customer service skills, coupled with her understanding of the duties of the office and her campaign tenets of integrity, equality and transparency, I know she will flourish as the next Clerk of the Circuit Court,” said Miles, who formerly served as editor of The Farmville Herald, and now works as a director for Piedmont Senior Resources Area Agency on Aging in Farmville.

John O’Bryant, a lifelong volunteer firefighter, church and civic leader in Buckingham, is serving as Edmondston’s campaign treasurer. “My experience with Nicci was during her time at the bank, as I was involved in the settlement of an estate. She was very professional and it was evident throughout this experience that customer satisfaction was her number one goal.”

“I believe Nicci has what it takes to run the office of the Clerk of Circuit Court, with attention to detail and serving the public, not only as the court’s administrator but as a problem solver,” said Joyce Wilson Booker, a longtime public educator who serves as First Lady of Slate River Baptist Church.

“I was taught a valuable lesson in sixth grade about the cost of kindness,” Edmondston said. “It has absolutely no cost and has the highest return. I have spent 22 years working with the public, and the ability to provide the best service possible has always been my goal. I also deeply value building relationships with people. Understanding the needs of others is the key to helping them move forward with respect and equality.

“I’ve watched Nicci grow up in Glenmore, climb the ranks at the bank, and serve as a wonderful wife and mother to her family,” said Nicci’s grandfather, District Five Board of Supervisors Member Harry W. “Brother” Bryant. “Her compassion, skill and ability to solve complex problems and navigate complicated situations is needed in the position of Clerk of Circuit Court.”

Longtime public educator Velma P. Jones, who also watched Nicci grow up in the community of Glenmore, said Nicci brings a unique skill set to the table.

“With her willingness to learn, coupled with her dynamic personality and always lending a helping hand, she’s a perfect fit for the role of Clerk.”

Nicci and her husband, David, have four children. They are members of Bethlehem Baptist Church near Dillwyn.

For more information about Edmonston call Nicci at (434) 414-1103, visit www.NicciForClerk.com or email NicciForClerk@gmail.com.