Call for volunteers

Published 9:40 am Thursday, June 21, 2018

Discussion from the Buckingham and Cumberland County Board of Supervisors meetings have revealed a desperate need for volunteers in area volunteer fire departments and rescue squads.

Area fire departments in Buckingham held an open house Wednesday to draw more community awareness of the departments and help potential volunteers find ways to serve.

While many envision volunteers to solely fight fires, Buckingham County District Two Supervisor Don Matthews said that positions extend far beyond that.

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“They just need some bodies up there that can be there and show good faith for the citizens of the county,” Matthews said. “Without those people, we would be in a world of hurt. We need your support as citizens of Buckingham County.”

Cumberland County expressed a similar need.

Greater awareness of the efforts and struggles of area rescue squads and fire departments can only help us as citizens better help area rescue squads and fire departments. See contact information for each county’s fire department and rescue squad.


Hampden-Sydney Fire Department: (434) 223-2392

Rice Volunteer Fire Department: (434) 392-8737

Farmville Volunteer Fire Department: (434) 392-6543

Darlington Heights Volunteer Fire Department: (434) 248-6805

Prospect Volunteer Fire Department: (434) 574-9911

Meherrin Volunteer Fire Department: (434) 736-0633

Pamplin Volunteer Fire Department: (434) 248-6690

Prince Edward County Volunteer Rescue Squad: (434) 392-6973


Cartersville Volunteer Fire Department: (804) 350-3946

Cumberland Volunteer Fire Department: Can be contacted by Facebook.

Randolph District Volunteer Fire Department: (434) 392-4671

Cumberland Volunteer Rescue Squad: (804) 492-5754

Cartersville Volunteer Rescue Squad: (804) 375-3399


Dillwyn Volunteer Fire Department: (434) 983-3484

Buckingham County Volunteer Rescue Squad: (434) 983-3560

Toga Volunteer Fire Department: (434) 969-4444

Glenmore Volunteer Fire Department: (434) 969-2317

Arvonia Volunteer Fire Department: (434) 581-3232

Volunteers are needed more than ever. We at The Herald encourage participants to do what they can to serve their communities.