American laws should be applied equally

Published 9:39 am Thursday, June 21, 2018

If an American citizen brought their children along during the commission of a crime being caught by authorities, this criminal parent would be arrested and processed according to the law while the (unfortunate) children would be taken in another direction placed in the care of Social Services. This is how it’s done in America, by Americans to Americans. If this is considered splitting up a family, so be it. The parent decided to subject their children to this risk and it’s understood one and all must deal with the outcome.

The same (type) thing is happening at our southern boarders by illegal immigrants, but in this instance, people are enraged. Parents who enter the U.S. have broken an American law. It’s as simple as that. If anyone decides to bring their kids along during the commission of a crime, they should not be surprised that the family gets split up. “Illegals” (however) are exploiting their own children as pawns playing a bigger, “chess game.” Knowing from the get-go they get separated from their children when caught but also knowing this creates a very emotional situation that suddenly makes the laws on illegal immigration look harsh and cruel. These parents entering this country illegally are counting on their children to pluck the heart strings of compassionate Americans.

A family of “illegals” now has a better chance to enter America for the sake of keeping a family intact banking on that emotional aspect it creates. If this method of entering America illegally starts to gain traction, (as it seems it is), every adult trying to enter the United States illegally will grab a kid first (family member or not) to insure the entry is “lubricated for passage” by the presence of a child or two so the “family” won’t be separated.

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Does the obvious here need further explaining? People want to pour into America from destitute southern countries knowing American tax payers are waiting and willing to pay for food, clothing, housing, medical needs etc. as soon as they arrive to the tune of $8,000 to $25,000 each or 135 billion a year. People fleeing from their birth country may have compelling motives but all the more alluring to know American money will address all their needs. If America doesn’t stand firm behind the laws we have on immigration, we can certainly expect the governments from these migrating masses to be delighted that Americans are housing their poor and picking up the tab. These governments won’t lift a serious finger to stop this tide of humanity quietly thrilled to milk the last drop of American generosity.

This immigration issue is a multi-headed monster. Aside from the aforementioned, Democrats are exploiting this issue as well railing at the, “barbaric behavior” of Trump and the Republicans for being beastly toward these illegal families wanting in. These families know (or soon learn) that Democrats favor open borders along with generous hand-outs at tax payers’ expense. This entire process amounts to buying Democratic votes from these illegals once they get established in the U.S. It illustrates beyond doubt the Democrats are willing to let anyone into this country so long as it translates into the votes that further translate to the majority rule in the House and Senate and with it, … absolute power. Democrats help the “illegals and then the, “illegal’s” help the Democrats. Illegals are allowed to vote in Maryland and California while, “motor voter” laws in many states pave the way for “illegals” to vote. Millions of illegals have and continue to pour into America all slated to vote Democrat. Does this not also impact and imbalance elections in the U.S. as much or more than any Russian influence?

KARL SCHMIDT lives in Prince Edward County. His email address is