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Published 3:53 pm Thursday, May 10, 2018

Monday was, indeed, an exciting day for Farmville as the grand opening of Hotel Weyanoke took place. High Street has been the subject of conversation in recent months with regard to the key role it plays in contributing to the town’s historic district, and it is remarkable how well the newly renovated hotel manages to fit perfectly within that role.

Virginia Tourism Corporation Director of Business Development Wirt Confroy said he has frequented Farmville all of his life and that it was wonderful to be here and see something old that is new again.

Longwood University President W. Taylor Reveley IV also described the hotel as being “in deep continuity with so many things from the past,” noting that it is alleged that Dr. Joseph Leonard Jarman, Longwood’s president from 1902-46, had the idea to get the Weyanoke started in the first place in the 1920s when he served as a member of the Farmville Lions Club.

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Hotel Weyanoke is remarkable for how it uniquely contributes to not only the town’s history but also its palpable developmental momentum, which is something else Reveley acknowledged.

“I think it’s fair to say that it feels like springtime in Farmville in so many ways more broadly,” he said. “There’s so much momentum, so many good things happening, and this is really what will be the catalyst, this hotel, for so many more things.”

What high praise it was to Farmville and Hotel Weyanoke when Confroy said, “We thank you because when we say ‘Virginia is for Lovers,’ we have to guide someone somewhere …”