Prince Edward County property transfers

Published 1:07 pm Thursday, May 3, 2018

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Prince Edward County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of February. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Senetra Trust to Sydnor Crenshaw Newman, Jr., ½ interest in lots, Farmville District. $120,000.

• Ruby Tuesday, Inc. to National Retail Properties, Lots, Town of Farmville. $830,144.

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• Sterling Investments, LLC to Field Jeffrey Eason, 10.20 AC, Hampden District. $46,900.

• B T Friend Company to Gladstone Properties, LLC, 1.55 AC, Leigh District. $99,000.

• Sue E. Case to Sue E. Case, Lots, Prospect District. Deed Gift.

• Georgette Thomas to Charles D. Carson, 1.15 AC, Leigh District. $68,000.

• Gully Tavern Enterprises, LLC to Anthony Q. Ellington, Sr., 5.64 AC, Lockett District. Deed Gift.

• Professional Foreclosure Corporation to Madison Revolving Trust 2017, 3.15 AC, Prospect District. $111,390.61.

• Evans and Bryant, PLC Sub. Tr. to The Secretary of the US Department, Lot, Hampden District. $124,510.14.

• Alice Johnston to Alicia M. Davison, Lot, Farmville District. $180,000.

• David H. Gates, TTEE to David H. Gates, TTEE, 4.42 AC, Prospect District. Deed Gift.

• Sydnor Crenshaw Newman, Jr., to Sydnor Crenshaw Newman, Jr., Lots, Farmville District. Deed Gift.

• Hassan Abdullah to Fatma Hassan Abdullah, 4.62 AC, Leigh District. Deed Gift.

• Laura D. French to Green Properties Management, Lots, Town of Farmville. $100,000.

• Debbie Faye Witt to Anthony Lewis, ½ interest in 8.59 AC, Town of Farmville, Deed Gift.

• Calvin Boyer to John R. Shideler, Lot, Town of Farmville. $390,000.

• Ronald W. Bruce to Michael A. Matthews, 49.75 AC. Lockett District. $194,000.

• William R. Rohr, Jr., to William R. Rohr, Jr., 10.8 AC, Lockett District. Deed Gift.

• Eric Arthur, Jr. to Arthur Properties, LLC, Lots, Town of Farmville. Deed Gift.

• Roger L. Scruggs to Leroy Carr, Jr., 2.51 AC, Prospect District. $4,500.

• Dorothy O. Lash to Nora Elizabeth Feeney, Lot, Town of Farmville. $222,500.

• The Farmers Bank of Appomattox, to Rosemary Beniga Lehman, 2.50 AC, Prospect District. $140,000.

• Greenwich Investors to PSB Credit Services, Inc., 11.45 AC, Hampden District. $89,900.

• Lester Monroe to Lester Monroe, 1.26 AC, Prospect District. Deed Gift.

• Samuel I. White, PC, to Wells Fargo Bank, 2.27 AC, Farmville District. $162,000.

• Martin Covert to James L. Harding, .85 AC, Farmville District. $25,000.

• Janet Marie Jamerson Epps to John Everett Jamerson, Jr., 1/3 interest in Lot, Prospect District. $10,000.

• Bayview Loan Servicing, LLC to George Wilson, Lot, Hampden District. $35,000.

• BIJAL Investment Corp., to Sunshine Partners, LLC, 1.165 AC, Town of Farmville. $1,550,000.

• John Everett Jamerson, Jr., to Jason Everett Jamerson, Lot, Prospect District. Deed Gift.

• Esther L. Godfrey to Franklin Clay Owen, 4.797 AC, Prospect District. $199,000.