Businesses see action

Published 3:40 pm Thursday, May 10, 2018

Members of the Cumberland County Board of Supervisors voted to approve two conditional use permits and table another permit pending documentation during its Tuesday meeting.

Supervisors voted to approve a conditional use permit for El Jinete Mexican Restaurant on 1875 Anderson Highway to install an outdoor deck and expand parking to accommodate additional customers. 

“The proposed deck will measure 14 feet long and 24 feet wide,” the board packet for the April Cumberland Planning Commission noted. “This will displace some parking spaces, which the owner intends to move to the rear of the property. The deck will be built in the front setback of the lot, which requires a conditional use permit. The owner has met with the building official and knows what must be done to properly meet building code.”

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The restaurant is located in a high intensity growth area, the packet noted.

One speaker, Bill Bruce, expressed support for the permit, making sure that deck does not inhibit parking or that the deck and parking meets fire and safety regulations. 

Supervisors also voted to approve a conditional use permit for Kat’s Kennels, LLC, at 226 Ken’s Way for kennels that will house up to 19 dogs. The kennel is proposed to be on approximately 7.9 acres.

One speaker, Kat’s Kennels owner Kat Melendez, addressed the board and spoke about the potential impact of the kennel in the area.

Board Chairman Kevin Ingle expressed concern about an item struck out from one of the conditions within the permit about expanding the operation.

JP Duncan, planning and zoning director, said in the event Melendez wants to expand the kennel, she could request a second conditional use permit.

Supervisors voted to table action on a conditional use permit for 4-Wheel Drive Specialty Conversion Division, Inc. on 1936 Cartersville Road, noting that the Cumberland County Planning Commission would be set to make a recommendation during its May 21 meeting.

Duncan said during the meeting Tuesday that the updated site plan for 4-Wheel Drive Specialty Conversion Division was not submitted by the surveyor for the property, Woodrow K. Cofer and was not available to the planning commission.

Duncan noted that the delay should not have an effect on the business’ current operations.