Lutz goes above and beyond

Published 10:26 am Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Many thanks for highlighting some of the good news about our schools in your “Way to Go” photo of the Prince Edward High School Chemistry Olympiad Team (Friday, April 13). Too often schools are evaluated mainly by percentage of students falling below arbitrary cut off scores on standardized tests. These tests serve a very important purpose: diagnosing and focusing attention on students needing additional support. But they are far from accurate representations of a school as a whole. Coverage like your photo helps to restore a balanced view. So “Way to Go” to The Herald.

But there was one conspicuous omission. The piece rightly commended the 12 students, a majority of them young women, who voluntarily spent their Saturdays learning chemistry. But absent from both the photo and the write up was the teacher: Dr. Gary Lutz.

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For years Dr Lutz has gone above and beyond for his students, often with results that have a lasting impact on them. His recent graduates include chemistry teachers and Ph.D.s. In addition to supporting a large, active Olympiad team that has won several awards, he has arranged for his students to take labs with Hampden-Sydney faculty and mentored many to an impressive record on Advanced Placement tests. His teaching is energetic; his standards are high but he provides full support. Year after year he has given his students a solid foundation — and an inspiration — for building careers in science. We owe him our thanks.

Ellery Sedgwick