Impressed with Cockburn

Published 12:36 pm Thursday, April 19, 2018


Recently, I have become acquainted with Leslie Cockburn, Democratic candidate for Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, and I am very impressed with her personality and with her qualifications to become our next congresswoman. Educated at Yale, she received her master’s degree in Oriental and African studies from the University of London.

Leslie is a former war correspondent and investigative journalist, and has traveled the world seeing firsthand the ravages of war and the political and social conditions that dictate so many of the problems that still occur today. She is intelligent, cool headed, thinks before she speaks, and is not beholden to lobbyists or special interest groups.

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Since announcing her run for Congress, Leslie has endured an exhausting schedule, crisscrossing the entire 5th District, asking questions, listening to people’s concerns, and explaining her positions. She truly cares about representing all of the people of the 5th District. She has dedicated herself to improving health care, the environment, education, equality for all, as well as issues concerning the welfare of our veterans.

Because of her background, skills and worldwide experiences, I believe that Leslie has the right credentials to serve admirably as our representative in Congress.

Carol Fauci