Cumberland County property transfers

Published 11:00 am Thursday, April 5, 2018

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of January. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Mary Shadoian, et als to Chad Hancock, 2.414 Ac., Madison District. $30,000

• Steven M. Foreman, et al to Cherly Lynn Brown, 2 Ac., Hamilton District. $97,500.

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• Sherita Quinnette Wise to Sherita Quinnette Sutton, et al, 2.03 Ac., Randolph District. Deed gift.

• Dorothy Wiley Brown, et als to Johnson Hayes Wiley, interest in 70 Ac. and 52.10 Ac., Randolph District. Deed gift.

• Verna Mahan to Alicia Michelle Motz, et als, parcel and life interest reserved, Hamilton District. Deed gift.

• E. Preston Lancaster, Jr., to Rives Lancaster Lucas, et al, interest in 129.735 Ac., Randolph District. Deed gift.

• Donna O. Ennis to James R. Ennis, et ux, 5.78 Ac., Randolph District. Deed gift.

• Edward L. Helton et al to Patricia S. Norman, Tr., et al, 1 Ac, Randolph District. $73,000.

• Gary Leroy McHenry to Georgette G. Bolden, 6.8 Ac., Randolph District. $150,000.

• John W. Carroll, et al to Clement W. Sheffert, et ux, .917 Ac., Randolph District. $184,000.

• Ella Cassandra Baker, et al to Craig S. Brooks, et ux, 3.767 Ac., Madison District. Deed gift.

• Frank T. Crandol to Marshall L. Brown, 4.6 Ac, 4.7 Ac., and 5.2 Ac, Hamilton District. $30,000.

• Robert C. Dewar, Tr. to Hazel Urquhart, 39.1 Ac., Hamilton District. $98,500.

• Jerry Lee Stinnett, et ux to William A. Wheeler, 2 Ac., Madison District. $120,000.

• Jay A. White et als to Cody Allen White, 2.03 Ac., Randolph District. Deed gift.

• PNC Bank National Assoc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 14.4 Ac., Madison District. $163,834.

• Joshua E. Amos to Robert Hazelgrove, et ux, 89.475 Ac., Madison District. $135,000.

• Robin Cox Petrine et al to Mary Millhiser, 73.183 Ac., Madison District. $137,000.

• Charles D. Jernigan to Gregory B. Jernigan, 5 Ac., Hamilton District. Deed gift.

• Andrea L. Pletzke to Omer L. Petersheim, et als, Parcel, Randolph District. $120,000.

• Mona Lyn Brevard to Brandon D. Brooks, 1.979 Ac. and 1.107 Ac., Madison District. $125,500.

• Cynthia J. Erickson to Michael N. Cook, et al 3 Ac., Randolph District. $149,000.

• Pari Gilliam to Bita E. Gilliam, 5 Ac., Randolph District. Deed gift.

• Kenneth W. Gilliam to Beita E. Gilliam, 10 Ac., Randolph District. Deed gift.

• Stella Watson Chambliss to Joel A. Watson, interest in 6.044 Ac., and 2.902 Ac., Hamilton District. Deed gift.