Budget passed

Published 2:45 pm Friday, April 27, 2018

Members of the Buckingham County Board of Supervisors voted to approve its fiscal year 2019 budget Monday evening.

County Administrator Rebecca Carter said that the changes made to the budget include allocating funds to Virginia’s Crossroads, an organization that provides marketing to counties and moving allocations to a reserve for the county rescue squad.

“The board put $4,500 back in the budget for Virginia’s Crossroads and moved … $195,000 to a reserve for rescue squad,” Carter said in an email.   

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Carter said the county is meeting with the rescue squad reserve to consider a request from the rescue squad for additional funding.

“The budget had $195,000 for the (Rescue Squad) RS, and they also asked for an additional $165,000,” Carter said. “The Finance Committee is holding meetings with the officers of the squad and are still waiting for more financial information from the squad before they make a decision to release any money. By moving it to the reserve account, the board of supervisors will have to take additional action to release the money.”

Carter said that there is one countywide rescue squad.

“The reserve does not include any additional money at this time,” Carter said.

Carter said during a previous meeting on April 16 that the total operating budget is expected to be approximately $50,156,587.

Local revenue, Carter said during the April 16 meeting, would come to approximately $17,511,200 while state revenue would come to approximately $1,612,914 for noncategorical expenses, expenses Carter said the state does not tell the county how to spend. Categorical aid from the state comes to approximately $1,646,274.

Tax rates for the county include 55 cents for real estate, 55 cents for public service corporation, $4.05 for State Corporation Commission (SCC) personal property, $4.05 personal property, $2.90 for machinery and tools, $1 for merchants capital and 55 cents for aircraft.