Attention Litterbugs

Published 10:33 am Tuesday, April 10, 2018


What a great community we live in. We are small but make up for it in so many ways. The people in our community reach out to others and there is always a helping hand when someone is in need. We live in a peaceful environment with scenic farmlands, pastures and forests. The friendship and closeness of neighbors speaks volumes about our community. History abounds in Prince Edward County and Virginia.

However, it is apparent that we have a growing problem. It stands out more and more to the residents and visitors that come to our area. I am referring to the litter that is strewn along our roadways in Prince Edward County as well as throughout Virginia. Not only is it unsightly, but it reflects so negatively that it can affect property values and may even deter someone wanting to buy property and relocate to Prince Edward County. We do not understand why anyone would think that it is OK to roll down their window and throw their trash out onto the roadside for someone else to pick up and apparently do not care that it gets picked up. Do they think that it goes unnoticed; are they not aware that it is against the law in Virginia to litter? Virginia State law (2006- Code of Virginia 33.1- 346) states very clearly that throwing trash on right of ways and onto private properties is illegal.

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We believe the people who litter are few because most people we know take pride in their property, are responsible people who respect the property of others, and appreciate maintaining the beauty of our community.

For those of you who find themselves carelessly throwing their empty cans, bottles, and pieces of trash out onto our roadsides, we ask that you think about what you are doing. Please wait until there is a proper trash can or dumpster to dispose of these things. Litter on the roadways cost the Virginia tax payers in excess of $25 million dollars a year on average. This does not include what the towns and counties pay nor does it include the many volunteer organizations and individuals who take their time and money to pick up and dispose of trash. This money could be better spent elsewhere.

We live in an area called Darlington Heights. This past weekend a group of frustrated and concerned neighbors met at the Darlington Heights Fire Department to organize a day of picking up the trash in our area. It was a beautiful day and it only took a few hours but what a difference it made after over 50 bags of trash, old tires and other debris was removed from the roadways.

So we ask again. Be responsible and please help keep our town, our community, our state and our country beautiful. Please do not litter.

Betty Tinsley

Linda Timmons

Prince Edward