Woman’s club shares its history

Published 11:43 am Thursday, March 15, 2018

Charlene Snoddy was pregnant with her first son when the Woman’s Club of Buckingham County was founded nearly 60 years ago.

Now 92, Snoddy looks back on the club’s history and hopes for it to see a bright future.

“We do so many things that are helpful to the county,” Snoddy said.

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The members of the club, who are meeting March 22, could vote to disband. “We worked really hard,” Snoddy said. She progressed from an associate member to an active member to make sure her vote counted. “If the ladies knew how hard it is to get it going in the first place, they wouldn’t be talking about disbanding.”

The club, through its decades-long history, hosted annual art shows for county students, writing contests, a week-long fundraiser where proceeds go to the Buckingham Arts Council and various fire departments. Snoddy added that the club was responsible for putting up the slate signs at the Buckingham County entranceway.

“Kids are so creative,” Snoddy said about the entries in the art show held Feb. 23. “They were all just adorable.”

She remembers being the Buckingham club’s first corresponding secretary.

“It’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time, but they have thoroughly enjoyed it and benefited from it,” Snoddy said about the art show.

She said many of the approximately 25 members who are currently in the club are older, but that does not deter them from working hard. She said approximately 10 come to meetings.

General meetings include a guest speaker. Snoddy said topics have ranged from politics to nutrition.

She said the club has various departments that are responsible for choosing the speakers.

“It was very diverse and very interesting,” Snoddy said about the guest speakers. “You have an opportunity to participate and really speak your mind.”

Snoddy said the club also attracts people who have moved to the county from other places.

She said there can be a lot of work involved in putting together the events, but said she wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

“I have never felt that it was a burden,” Snoddy said. “I enjoyed being at the meetings, and working with the ladies, it’s been a fun thing. It’s just been great for us old folks, us older ladies. It’s just so good to see how they try to help each other and show up to help.”

For more information contact Club President Mary Lohr at (434) 969-2888.