Survival kits for Law Enforcement

Published 11:00 am Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Woman’s Club of Cumberland, GFWC recently presented 30 survival kits to Cumberland County Sheriff Darrell Hodges and Officers Matt Seal, Dennis Ownby, Ryan Bates and Virginia State Police Trooper Trevor Garner. The kits had tags with the following items: Lifesavers, to remind them of the many times they have been one; Starbursts: For that burst of energy they need; Paydays: Because they’re not doing it for the money; Paper clips: to help hold it all together; Hershey’s Kisses: Because they deserve them; Tootsie Rolls: To help them roll with the punches; Peppermint Patties: To help them keep their cool; Snickers: To remind them to keep their sense of humor and Mounds: For the “mounds” of courage they need. The Dispatchers were given kits as well.

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