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Show puts students’ art on display

The Woman’s Club of Buckingham County (WCBC) saw more than 200 people visit their annual art show in February, which features artwork from students at schools in the Heart of Virginia, the community and members of WCBC.

To view more photos of the art show, click here.

Agnes Cramer, co-chair of the event, said each year the blue ribbon winners go on to the district where they are awarded more ribbons.

“It’s really a wonderful program that we have every year,” Cramer said.

“It’s fascinating, I said last year, it’s so much fun to watch the kids come in with their parents, or even more with their grandparents,” said Patsy Miessler, member of WCBC.

WCBC also held a writing contest in January.

“We had 200 entries in the writing contest,” Miessler said. “It was a lot to read.”

She said it amazed her to see the differences in what each child does when they’re given the same theme or outline.

“It’s just the interpretation like the three bald eagles, and every one of them looks very different,” Miessler said.