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Sheriff’s office reaccredited

The Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Office achieved reaccreditation and was presented a plaque at the Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday from Department of Criminal Justice Services Accreditation Program Manager Derrick Mays.

“Today is a special day for us at Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Office,” said Sheriff Wesley Reed. “Six years ago when I ran for sheriff I promised the county and the citizens that I would get Prince Edward County Sheriff’s Office accredited. I have kept my promise.”

He noted that for four years the office has been accredited.

“We just went through accreditation and we passed with flying colors,” Reed said. “Truly it is an honor tonight to have the project manager, Derrick Mays here with us who is going to present us with the plaque tonight.”

Addressing the board, Reed said they supported his office and accreditation couldn’t have been done without the board.

“I just say thank you, thank you, thank you because we have truly made law enforcement in Prince Edward County 100 percent better than when we started,” Reed said.

Mays said the reaccreditation couldn’t have been accomplished without the community.

“This could not be accomplished without the assistance of the community. It’s not a sheriff’s office affair, it’s not a board of supervisors affair, it’s a Prince Edward County affair,” Mays said. “All the parts work together to get it done, and that’s the most important aspect. Not one person can get it done.”

He said everyone in the sheriff’s office put in the work to accomplish reaccreditation.

“If there was an issue they might scratch their head and roll their eyes, but I tell you what – at the end of the day, what needed to be done was done and it was done so professionally that a team that I sent in here still talks about it,” Mays said.