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Playing for the Birdhouse Build

A charity basketball game held March 8 in Willett Hall on the campus of Longwood University is one of many activities benefiting the Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity project, which has been dubbed the “Birdhouse Build.”

This build is for a new Habitat home construction with a Prince Edward County family. The “Birdhouse Build” name comes from the fact that this build is in partnership with Prince Edward County Public Schools, which has an Eagles mascot, and Fuqua School, which has a Falcons mascot.

A Habitat press release noted that one goal the organization had when approaching both school systems at the beginning of the school year was to form a unique collaboration that helps bring the community closer together.

In addition to volunteer days, in which students and parents from both schools can work together, each school is volunteering uniquely, Habitat officials noted in the release. Fuqua has actually created an internship class where four young men are on the build site three days a week. Prince Edward’s carpentry class has been building components for the home in its shop. Art students have worked together to design the logo, which is being sold on T-shirts. Science classes are discussing landscape planning. Teachers are discussing field trips for the younger students to visit the build.

The release notes there is a committee composed of administration, faculty and parents from both schools working together to publicize, volunteer and fundraise. The concept, planning, and execution of the charity basketball game came from this committee.

The teams competing consisted of a combined student team, with players from both schools, playing against a combined faculty team, Habitat officials stated. More than 350 people from the community were in attendance. Mascots from Longwood, Hampden-Sydney College, Prince Edward and Fuqua all provided entertainment. In addition, there was support from a combined school pep band, cheerleaders and a halftime performance by the Heartland Heat Cheer Squad.

Many raffles were drawn using donations from area individuals, businesses and schools, Habitat’s release noted. Aramark and the Longwood University Dining Services provided concessions and generously donated all sales toward the Birdhouse Build.

Officials stated that as the evening drew to a close, many people commented how wonderful the event was and how they hope it becomes an annual tradition.

Habitat’s release cited that approximately $3,500 was raised from ticket sales, raffles, T-shirts and concessions. T-shirts with the Birdhouse Build logo can still be purchased at the Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore located at 1409 S. Main St.