Permit regulations tabled

Published 10:15 am Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Planning Commission members voted Monday to table a discussion to April about a conditional use permit for 4-Wheel Drive Specialty Conversion Division, Inc., owned by Mo Duncan.

The business is located at 1936 Cartersville Road and specializes in off-site collection, transportation and disposal of waste, among other services.

Its conditional use permit has been heavily discussed during recent Planning Commission meetings and during board of supervisors meetings.

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The board packet for the Monday Planning Commission meeting noted that the current fencing buffer around the property, hay bales placed adjacent to one another facing the road, was found insufficient by the board of supervisors.

“The board of supervisors revoked CUP 16-10 during their meeting on January 9, 2018,” the packet cited. “This was due to the applicant’s failure to comply with conditions 2 in CUP 16-10, which required the applicant to build a fence around the truck parking area. The applicant installed a hay bale buffer around the area, but the board of supervisors found this insufficient to the fence that was listed on the site plan that the applicant submitted. The current CUP will bring the property into compliance with the County Zoning Code.”

Discussions during the Monday meeting included creating a timeframe for the new fence to be installed and a potential endorsement by a professional engineer that would detail improvements to the building.

One of the recommended conditions listed within theboard packet for 4-Wheel Drive Specialty Conversion Division, Inc. would include, “A 2018 site plan that is stamped and sealed by a professional engineer (hereinafter the 2018 site plan) must accompany the application and must include in detail all buildings and improvements currently located on the property and those to be added to the property, including, but not limited to, dimensions and materials, minimum line of sight, and sight distances.”

“I don’t see a need for professional engineering in this situation,” At-Large Commissioner William Flippen said, noting that the fencing was the primary issue with the property.

Chairman Dr. Bill Burger spoke about installing a timeline of four months after a public hearing and ultimate decision made by the board of supervisors, projected to take place during the board’s May meeting.

County Administrator and Attorney Vivian Seay Giles and Burger also spoke about specifying the requirements for the fencing. The commissioners determined the fence could be between 8-10 feet tall and resemble the fencing the property already has that lines the sides of the property.

The next planning commission meeting will take place Monday, April 23.