Let’s hold ACP accountable

Published 11:09 am Tuesday, March 13, 2018


If the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is going to be in our community: our country has never sufficiently funded the federal pipeline safety agency (PHMSA) for it to meet its obligations. Congress directed it to focus on areas with high a population, not those of us here in rural Virginia.

It seems every day we hear of another environmental protection and consumer protection that is being delayed or dismantled. Those of us involved in the processes have also been disappointed with the support our state and local governments have given us for protecting our property, health and environment.

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Pipeline Compliance Surveillance Initiative (Pipeline CSI) is a citizen initiative to monitor and ensure strict application of environmental laws and regulations for the ACP and Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). More than 50 Virginia and West Virginia organizations are involved. On March 3, several hundred citizens participated in the first meeting for CSI, including a significant number from the Herald’s area.

Tree cutting is underway. Many people whose property is not required to host the pipeline will now discover that it will be near their property, and that they live in the incineration or evacuation zone.

We must ensure that the pipelines are built correctly, and that the environment is protected. Join us as we learn what to look for and how to document any problems. This is something we citizens can do! Visit www. abralliance.org for more information.

Kenda Hanuman