Buckingham County Property Transfers – December 2017

Published 5:23 pm Thursday, March 29, 2018

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Buckingham County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of December. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Donald C. Hill, to Joseph Edward Nuckols, tr., et, 12.38 AC, Marshall District. $44,000.

• Franklin H. Lawson, III to Roy A. Moss, et al, 16.834 AC., Marshall District. $400,000.

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• Timothy Jason Tinnell, et al to Raymond S. Avery, 5.21 AC, Arrow Subdivision. $172,000.

• Casey B. Jones, et ux, to Michael Yoder, 10.47 AC, Francisco District. $20,000.

• Melva L. Summers to Gregory S. Beasley, 10.12 AC, James River District. $17,500.

• Particia Hawley, et al to Jerry L. Nixon. $260,000.

• Patrick E. Hoffman, et al to Spear Mountian Investments, LLC, 1.960 AC, James River District. $5,000.

• Jerome Deason, et al, to Sean C. Castrina et al, 2.26 AC, Rt. 617 Subdivision. $18,000.

• William R. Hanely, Jr., et al to Richard J. Chafe, 35.05 AC, Marshall District. $40,000.

• Thomas A. Cooper, tr to Thomas A. Cooper Jr., 50 AC and 13.64 AC, Curdsville District. Deed Gift.

• Des Raj, et al to Des Ras, et al, 2 AC, Maysville District. Deed Gift.

• David Ray Jamerson, et ux to Johnathan Q. Jamerson, et ux, 1 AC, Crudsville District. Deed Gift.

• David Ray Jamerson, et ux, to Tonya L. Branch, et al, 1 AC, 1.11 AC, Curdsville District. Deed Gift.

• Shaun T. Abernathy to Dana H. Abernathy, 12.23 AC, James River District. Deed Gift.

• B. Christopher Grunau et al, to Ronnie Lee Kidwell, et ux, 14.4 AC, Marshall District. $56,000.

• The Secretary of the United States to John P. Yerby, Jr., 12.207 AC, Maysville District. $100,000.

• Jeffrey E. Fogel, et al to Robert N. Buss, 6 AC, James River District. $145,000.

• Edward Leon Coleman to Atlantic Coast Pipeline, LLC, 34 AC, Francisco District. $3,146.

• Bernad H. Davis Jr., to Atlantic Coast Pipeline, 89 AC, Curdsville District. $1,155.

• Manfred Craig Davis to Atlantic Coast Pipeline, 89 AC, Curdsville. $1,155.

• Carol I. Luke, et al, to Clyde Miller, et al, 2 AC, Crudsville District. $174,900.

• Virginia Makelim Jackson, et to Virginia Makelim Jackson, et, 110 AC, 15.40 AC and 8 AC, Maysville District. Deed Gift.

• Lelia F. Gilliam, et al to  L P. Gilliam, et al, 2.99 AC, Maysville District. $10,200.

• Sandra Bourn, et al to Sandra Bourn, et al, 2 AC, James River District. Deed Gift

• Farmville Area Habitat for Humanity to Christopher A. Clarke, et ux, .92 AC, Crudsville District. $63,416.62.

• Ann L. Wolnick to Tyler S. Raynor, 5.503 AC, Marshall District. $140,000.

• Brian W. Harvey, et al, to Brian W. Harvey, et al, 1 AC, Maysville District. Deed Gift.

• Debra Jo Bishop Patterson to Michael R. Grandstafg, et al, Lot, Shores Subdivision. $178,000.

• Hazel P. McDonald, et al to Jean Allen Garrett, .49, .49 and 1 AC, Marshall District. Deed Gift.

• Gloria W. Perkins, to Karen L. Jackson, 2 AC, Maysville District. $10,000.

• Donald Bryant to Edward Bryant, 45.7 AC and 1 AC, Francisco District. Correction.