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Board to discuss special election

The Prince Edward County Board of Supervisors will hold a special-called meeting Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. to establish the date of the special election to fill the Farmville District 101 board seat and to authorize County Attorney Jim Ennis to file a petition with the Prince Edward County Circuit Court regarding the special election.

Jim Ennis

The seat was left vacant following the death of Farmville District 101 Supervisor Howard Simpson on Feb. 13. Chairwoman and Farmville District 801 Supervisor Pattie Cooper-Jones announced his passing at the meeting that night following an approximate 10-minute closed session.

“If you have noticed, Mr. Simpson’s seat is vacant tonight, and I’m sad to announce that he just passed away,” said Cooper-Jones.

The board discussed that night the possibility of combining the petitions for both the special election that will be held for the Prince Edward County Circuit Court clerk position, as Machelle J. Eppes will retire April 1, and the Farmville District 101 supervisor position.

“By statute, her chief deputy will be appointed to serve as clerk on the interim basis,” Ennis said. “The board, of course, (will have) to ask for a special election to fill that vacancy. In order for that to occur, the board needs, number one, to accept the resignation of Ms. Eppes, secondly, to file a petition with the circuit court of Prince Edward County requesting that a special election be held and determine the date that you would request the circuit court to set that election.”

Ultimately the board voted to hold the special election for clerk on Nov. 6 because of the cost of running a special election at another time. Chief Deputy Lynnette Coe will hold the position until then. Coe previously said she plans on running for the position and will seek the Democratic nomination.

The board will discuss the date of the special election for the board vacancy Wednesday.