Prince Edward Arrest Report

Published 11:18 am Thursday, January 18, 2018

January 10
• Darron C. Boatwright, 33, of Cumberland, charged with obstructing justice.
• Dawn Reneigh Eppes, 35, of Keysville, charged with contempt of court.
• Angela Kidd Reardon, 44, of Columbia, charged with annoying phone calls.
January 12
• Joseph Giles Redd, 19, of Meherrin, charged with two counts of grand larceny, sale-distribute marijuana, burglary and conspiracy-grand larceny.
January 14
• Arvined Persaud, 35, of Burkeville, charged with conspiracy to commit felony and forging-uttering.
• Shelley Persaud, 33, of Burkeville, charged with forging-uttering and conspiracy to commit felony.

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