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Whorley’s art on display

Margaret “Maggie” Whorley, a native of Farmville, holds a BS Degree in Art Education from Longwood College and a Master’s Degree in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University. In her long career, she taught art in Prince Edward County Public Schools, and at Longwood College, until retiring in 2011.

Margaret Whorley

“Recently, I have discovered I like painting with dry soft pastels using small marks and broken lines inspired by the way Vincent Van Gogh applied oil paint to canvas with a brush,” Whorley said in a press release. “The linear rhythm breathes more life into my work and it is a lot more fun to do.”

She continues to enjoy painting landscapes with watercolors and oil pastels. Her favorite artist quote is from Edgar Degas, “Art is not what you see, but what others make you see.”

According to a press release, Whorley’s commissioned work includes portraits of people and pets as well as ink drawings of well-beloved buildings in the area.

“She has exhibited work throughout central Virginia including Hampden-Sydney College, Longwood Center for the Visual Arts, Lynchburg Arts Club, Central Virginia Arts Club in Farmville, Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, and Buckingham County Art Center, where she received Best In Show in 2007,” officials said in the release.

Maggie lives in Appomattox with husband Roy “Bird” Whorley. Her son, David, and his wife live in California.

Margaret currently has her work on display at the CVCC Appomattox Center on U.S. Route 460 in the Town of Appomattox through Dec. 20. Visitors are invited to see the exhibit during school hours.