Fuqua makes monsters

Published 9:33 am Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Students in the Fuqua Lower School STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) Club worked with teams around the world on The Global Monster Project led by Dr. Terry Smith, associate professor in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership at Radford University. Each team created a creepy description, including measurements for one part of a monster. Mrs. Kathryn Jefferson’s Fuqua School STEAM Club contributed the descriptions for the hands and fingers Hands were triangular in shape, dirty brown in color, hairy, veiny, with warts measuring 15 centimeters wide, 28 centimeters long. Fingers were to be green in color, spindly, and cobwebbed. Each team around the world then created their own monster using each part description. Fuqua School’s team used engineering, math, and art to build their monster during club meetings. Students discovered that designing and building a monster together was a challenging task. It was a major lesson in working together and learning to compromise in a group decision process. The result was satisfying proof that a community of global kids can accomplish much. Pictured are from left, front row; Members of the Fuqua Lower School STEAM Club – Johnny Hall, Marina Morris, Brandon Seiler, Olivia Fortune, back row; Rudee Atkinson, Cole Milne, Madelyn Morris, Collins Easter, Grace Furman and Elle Franssen.

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