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From all of us: Happy Holidays

It started with the advent of several holiday lighting ceremonies and celebrations in the Town of Farmville, Prince Edward County, Cumberland County and Buckingham County.

Since then, various celebrations, the appearance of decorations and lights and efforts to help those in need have brought all of the holiday experience to the forefront.

These celebrations have included hundreds of gifts gathered for distribution by the Carl U. Eggleston Foundation and the Prince Edward County Elks Lodge in addition to the Cumberland County and Heart of Virginia Christmas Mother programs; Christmas tree lightings by Buckingham County, the Virso community in Prince Edward and the Town of Farmville; and parades from all counties that have sought to unite area schools, civic organizations and nonprofits.

The Heart of Virginia has consistently demonstrated a joy to be reckoned with and a passion to help each other, which has led to countless fundraisers and exchanges of time, services and love.

The examples of the outpouring of community, support and goodwill would be too much to fit onto the page, but whether it’s participating in fundraisers, delivering meals to people in need or working on frigid nights to keep your neighbor’s power on, it’s you, our readers, who deserve our commendation.

As you gather with your families this holiday season, whether in the Heart of Virginia or traveling abroad, we at The Farmville Herald wish you the safest and happiest of celebrations, with the parting message that your joy and willingness to give has made this holiday season a wonderful and gratifying experience for each one of us here at the Herald office.