Enduring spirit of giving

Published 12:30 pm Tuesday, December 19, 2017

We are in the midst of a season in which people place a special emphasis on giving to others, with many reflecting on the Gift to mankind described in the Christmas story. People in the Heart of Virginia have been admirable gift-givers during the holiday season, particularly to those in great need.

Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on Aug. 25 and left massive destruction in its wake. As cited by WorldVision.org, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has said that it may cost as much as $180 billion to rebuild the state, which would make it the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history.

In response to the devastation, people here quickly extended a helping hand in a variety of ways, several of which we reported on.

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Given the nature of our nation’s 24/7 news cycle, yesterday’s news can feel like a long time ago, and news from several months ago can feel downright ancient, unless you were personally affected by it.

Because of these facts, it is particularly commendable that people in the Heart of Virginia have not forgotten their fellow Americans over in Texas during the holidays but have instead made them a focus of their giving.

According to a press release from Prince Edward County Public Schools, Prince Edward County Middle School students “adopted” C.E. King Middle School in Houston, Texas, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Students and teachers raised money through jean days, hat days and donations.

The Rocky Mount Baptist Church, in Cumberland, recently donated supplies and $1,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts in Texas. The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office transported the items to a group in Danville that will send the donations to the proper place.

There are likely more examples, too, and we are pleased to be able to highlight these instances of continued goodwill toward our fellow man in Texas, helping reinforce the spirit of the season.