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Emphasizing the need to hunt ethically


On Wednesday, Dec. 13, I witnessed a situation which was very disturbing. I was driving down Gully Tavern Road in Rice toward 460 at about 3:15 on my way to hunting at a friend’s farm.

As I approached the bridge over Saylers Creek, I saw two hunters standing in the field to the left of the road, watching as their pack of dogs attacked an injured deer, which was trying to get away from the dogs with its remaining leg, as it appeared to only be able to use one front leg. At that point, the hunters were making no effort to separate the deer from the dogs but were merely watching what was happening.

I was upset that the hunters were taking no action to put an end to the deer’s suffering. I stopped and asked when were they going to finish off the deer? The reply was, “As soon as we can separate the dogs,” after which he made an attempt to shoo the dogs off. The other hunter did not help at that point.

As hunters, we need to hunt ethically, making sure we dispatch a deer or other quarry quickly so that these animals do not suffer. If there is not a clear shot, do not take it. Most people do not hunt. If we as hunters do not police our ranks, we stand a good chance of losing the privilege to hunt.

Wayne Knipping