Elections see new leaders

Published 11:03 pm Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Election results across the Heart of Virginia revealed an influx of new leaders.

According to the Virginia Department of Elections website, Incumbent Prospect District Supervisor Calvin L. Gray was defeated by J. David Emert by five votes and .57 percentage points.

“I’d like to say thank you to Mr. Gray for running a very upstanding campaign and that I promise like I did to begin with to be a voice for Prospect,” Emert said following his win. “If there’s any questions anybody has, please contact me. I plan to represent everyone in my district.”

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In Prince Edward County, Buffalo District Supervisor C.R. “Bob” Timmons Jr., Leigh District Supervisor Jerry R. Townsend and Farmville 701 District Supervisor Jim Wilck were reelected to their seats.

In the first-ever elected Prince Edward County School Board race, incumbent Leigh District Representative Dr. Timothy Wiley Corbett, Buffalo District Candidate Lucy Carson and Farmville 701 District Candidate Cainan D. Townsend were elected in unopposed races.

Townsend, the director of education and public programs at the Robert Russa Moton Museum, previously said that if elected, he hopes to assess what already is happening in the county and continue all the good things that are happening already.

Carson is a former principal of Prince Edward County Middle School.

In the Prospect District Elzora Glenice Stiff defeated Dione Scott Jennings by 151 votes and 18.41 percentage points.

Stiff is a former R.R. Moton High School student and has been a teacher at Prince Edward County High School. She has 48 years of experience in education spread between roles as a teacher, administrator, staff developer, program coordinator and curriculum developer.

The Town of Dillwyn saw all incumbents re-elected as a result of their write-in campaigns. Mayor Linda Paige and Dillwyn Town Council members Karen Sue Moss, Tora L. Jones, Sharon Baker, Ossie J. Harris III, James E. Tyree and Gilbert W. Reams will all serve another term.

In the 60th District Delegate race, incumbent Del. James E. Edmunds II, R-Halifax, defeated Democratic candidate Jamaal Johnston, though Johnston did gain more votes in Prince Edward County.

When asked what he looks to bring forward to the next general assembly session, Edmunds said, “The short answer is unity.”

“With the victory and with the support people have shown me this campaign cycle, I think my message has always been and has been pretty consistent, you know, that I want to keep common sense in government but also to be able to work with anybody,” Edmunds said. “I believe that resonated with the voters, but I’m very humbled and happy and belated, actually, to go back and serve one more term.”

Johnston said he doesn’t know if he’ll run again but that this race was the beginning of his career in public service.

In the 59th District incumbent Del. Matt Fariss defeated Democratic candidate Tracy L. Carver, Green Party candidate Marcus T. Sutphin and Independent Party candidate David Wade Ball.

“I am very humbled that the people of the 59th District recognize how hard I have worked to be their representative, and I appreciate their support,” Fariss said.