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Cumberland County Property Transfers

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Cumberland County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of September.

The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Stephen L. Kneer, Sr., et ux, to Phillip J. Arthur, 3 Ac. lot, Hamilton District. $145,000.

• Paul E. Hatcher, et ux to Shaina R. Bishop, et al, 5.283 Ac. and 4 Ac., Hamilton District. $170,000.

• Monte S. Ransone, et als, to James F. Pleasants, et ux, parcel, Hamilton District. $13,000.

• Benjamin M. Montano, et al, to Kendra Randolph, 1.135 Ac., Randolph District. $148,700.

• Sandra Landis to Diana W. Hunter, 3 Ac., Randolph District. $71,000.

• John D. Humerick, et al, to Kevin Bruce Dunn, .688 Ac and lots, Randolph District. $110,000.

• White Level Farm, LLC, to Richard M. Walton, et ux, 2.275 Ac, Hamilton District. $30,000.

• Lucille Marie Paige to George Holman, et ux, 3 Ac., Randolph District. $127,000.

• Kayla Morrison to Gavin Kirk Czeizinger, et ux, 8.440 Ac., Madison District. Deed Gift.

• Haskell L. Broyles to Thomas N. Broyles, et al, 53.2 Ac, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• Wayne D. Lipscomb, Jr., et ux to Ashley M. Da Silva, 3.27 Ac., Hamilton District. $170,500.

• Fannie Mae to Phillip R. Gentile, III, 2 Ac., Hamilton District. $129,000.

• Henry P. Burrell to FWR Inc., 60.2 Ac, Madison District. $160,000.

• Jessica L. Martin to Alvin K. Mullins, et ux, 5.017 Ac., Madison District.

• Thomas L. Smith, et ux to CMH Homes Inc., 7.871 Ac., Hamilton District. $27,500.

• Gene B. Dixon, Mr. to Gene B. Dixon, Jr. Tr., parcels, Madison District. Deed Gift.

• The Bank of New York Mellon, Tr. To Harold W. Collins, Jr., et al, .68 Ac, Randolph District. $65,750.

• William Todd Brown to Michael H. Burton, Jr., et ux, 8.429 Ac, Madison District. $27,500.

• Charles E. Scott to David T. Clark, one and nine one hundreths Ac., Madison District. $104,000.

• Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 2.08 Ac., Randolph District. Deed Gift.

• Margaret B. Richard to Derrick T. Richard et al, 3.0 Ac., Randolph District. Deed Gift.

• Nicholas John Clevett to Nicholas John Clevett, et ux, lot, Hamilton District. Deed Gift.

• Christopher Lee Mina to Robert C. Brinkley, et ux, 1.043 Ac, Randolph District. $167,000.