Think before voting

Published 10:53 am Tuesday, October 31, 2017


To the Voters of Prince Edward County: I know that no one likes to be told how to vote, therefore I urge you to use your thinking ability and consider the following:

The Democratic nominees for State Office are self-admitted gun-control advocates. The candidate for Gov. says “I stood up to the NRA after the Virginia Tech shooting” which is political speak for “I’ll take your gun.” The other two candidates also have the same general attitude. I urge you to get familiar with and support the Republican ticket.

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For the Prince Edward County board of supervisors, Prospect District, I urge you to favorably consider David Emmert. He is a “farmers farmer” and a true voice for Prospect. Our current supervisor has done nothing positive for Prospect in his entire time on the board. He doesn’t even want to record his travel for expenses monthly. Says it’s too much trouble.

For the School Board, Prospect District, I urge you to support Mrs. Stiff. She is well-educated, and truly dedicated to the improvement of education for everyone.

Rev. Furman Joye

Prospect, Virginia