Prince Edward County Property Transfers

Published 10:02 am Thursday, October 19, 2017

Following are the property transfers recorded in the Prince Edward County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office for the month of September. The listing includes the grantor, the grantee, location of property and amount of consideration.

• Orion Investments, Inc., to Veronica Pearce, 2.22 Ac., Buffalo District. $115,000.

• Roy R. Miller to Roy R. Miller, et al, .826 Ac., Lockett District. Deed Gift.

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• Karen Seay Moore, Tr., to Sharon Kay Bryant, et al, Lots, Prospect District. $27,706.

• Moses A. Redd to Melissa M. Miller, 2 Ac., Lockett District. $28,000.

• Eloise Wright Walters to Hany F. Moustafa, .273 Ac, Town of Farmville. $152,000.

• Elizabeth Anne H. Nase Wilkins to Elizabeth Anne H. Nase Wilkins, Lots, Town of Farmville. Deed Gift.

• Campbell Creek Estates, LLC to Mark Odale Jamerson, Jr., 3.75 Ac., Leigh District. $14,000.

• Gene B. Dixon, Jr. to Gene B. Dixon, Jr. Tr., Lots, Prospect District. Deed Gift.

• Larry D. Atkins to Daniel B. Puckett, 86.4 Ac., Farmville District. $110,000.

• Sterling Investments, LLC to Daniel B. Puckett, 104.11 and 1.84 Ac., Farmville District. $260,000.

• James L. Whitlock to Marek Marcinkiewicz, 27.68 Ac., Hampden Magisterial District. Deed Gift.

• Benchmark Community Bank to Kevin B. Dunn, et al, Lots, Farmville Magisterial District. $32,000.

• Robert K. Raborn to Stefan E. Retallick, 3.54 Ac, Town of Farmville. $245,200.

• Edward C. Stow to Alicia Rose Fontana, 4.15 Ac., Hampden District. $201,000.

• Richard P. Epperson, II to Zachary S. Mason, Lot, Town of Farmville. $180,000.

• Virginia L. Gunter to Tina R. Sudesberry, Lot, Farmville Magisterial District. $25,000.

• Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., to The Ford Family, LLC, 1.56 Ac., Farmville District. $91,875.

• Percell J. Walker, Sr. to Percell J. Walker, Sr., 5.11 Ac., Farmville District. $10.

• Cornelia Giles, Administrator to Clarence C. Thornton, et al, 1 Ac., Prospect District. $12,500.

• JCM III, LLC to B&Q Properties, LLC, 2.9 Ac., Town of Farmville. $125,000.

• Family Tree Properties, LLC to Billy Barton, Jr., 221.5 Ac., Leigh District. $460,000.

• William T. White to Debra Carroll McKenna, 2.191 Ac., Hampden District. $161,000.

• Harrison A. Moody to Harrison A. Moody, Lot, Lockett District. Deed Gift.

• CMH Homes, Inc., to Dexter Marrow, 1.95 Ac., Prospect District. $129,500.

• Joyce Paige Eggleston to Nelmar Properties, LLC, Lot, Town of Farmville. $120,000.

• James Stuart Roberts to Michael Stuart Marschik, et, Lots, Prospect District. Deed Gift.

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to PI Capital, LLC, Lots, Prospect District. $108,595.75.

• David L. Mays to Tracie A. Giles, Lot, Farmville District. $8,000.

• Laura Spicer Martin to Noland Garrison Elder, Lots, Town of Farmville. $220,000.