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Farmville Arrest Report

October 10

Clifford Mitchell Stevens, 68, of Farmville, charged with three counts of conspiracy to violate drug control act and five counts of manufacture, sale, possession of control substance schedule I-II.

October 11

Zenobe Randall, 35, of Farmville, charged with trespassing.

Yelson Velasquez Sierra, 27, of Manassas, charged with contempt of court.

Miguel Murcia Murga, 28, of Woodbridge, charged with contempt of court.

October 13

• Luis Chiche-Ramirez, 24, of Sterling, charged with fail to comply with court order.

October 14

Chelsei Danece Moore, 21, of Rice, charged with concealment-price alter merchandise greater than or equal to $200.

October 15

Latoya Evette Turner, 30, of Charlottesville, charged with disorderly conduct.

Otis Wardell Evans, 68, of Farmville, charged with public swearing or intoxication.