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Congratulating town on purchase

Wilck’s Lake and the surrounding Sarah Terry Trail are perhaps my favorite recreational venues across town. It’s with that thought in mind that I must admit my excitement that the town has purchased the remaining property. The purchase will allow for the trail to extend and completely surround the lake.

The Farmville Town Council voted unanimously Wednesday to purchase the remaining Wilck’s Lake property for approximately $525,000. Town Manager Gerald Spates said the full purchase price is $551,850 but due to a tax write-off on a portion of the property will be purchased for the lower price.

“We’re buying the remaining portion that we didn’t own which includes the house, that field area over by the trail that comes out over by West Third (Street) also the little office building and there’s a maintenance shop that the guys got over there,” Spates said. “It’s about 7.7 acres.”

He said the purchased property will allow the town to expand recreational opportunities at Wilck’s Lake. I for one am excited to not have to worry about trespassing on someone’s private property. I also feel it is the appropriate response to the council to applaud them when they do something that I believe will better the community. I would encourage those who are vocal to do the same. The local government listens when there is uproar as noted by the council’s decision to take recent rezoning requests off of the agenda in the future at Wednesday’s meeting. I’m sure they’d also listen when they’re told they’re going in the right direction.

MORGAN WHITE is a staff reporter for The Farmville Herald. His email address is Morgan.White@FarmvilleHerald.com.