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Support is on the menu

While we undoubtedly share the excitement building on the news of the many new restaurants coming to Farmville — offering more job opportunities and building upon an already strong tax base and service economy the town offers — it’s our sincere hope that the thrill of visiting these new restaurants will last in the form of long-term support for the establishments.

It’s a societal and an economic rule that the first day, week or month a new place to eat opens, it’s packed every night for dinner and during the noon hour for lunch. And that’s a great form of support, especially when residents and visitors spend their money here, in our community, where it will return to those who live here.

An even greater form of support is for us, as a community, to patronize these restaurants on a long-term basis, rather than swooping in for a first taste, and never returning.

Many here have clamored for more food options, and for those who’ve had a diversity of food choices on their wish lists, the genie is about to pay them a visit.

To sustain, these restaurants — especially those locally owned and operated — need our patronage in the form of dining local rather than driving to Midlothian, Richmond, Charlottesville or anywhere else to grab a bite to eat.

With a greater diversity of food comes more options, which haven’t always been available in Farmville, meaning we can stay in town when looking for a specific dish or style of food rather than spending our money in another community, which will reap the benefits of your tab.

These new restaurants, like any business, can only sustain and keep their doors open with our support.

Supporting the businesses here is supporting your community.