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Fostering unity and excellence

We commend the Prince Edward County School Board for adopting a new vision and mission for the school division that not only unites people, but is inclusive, seeks to promote excellence and overcome perceptions of the school system.

The vision will be “United in Excellence,” while the division’s mission states that, “We are an inclusive, student-centered community focused on inspiring confident, knowledgeable and productive citizens who are empowered to lead.”

Such a mission and vision are a far cry from a previous mission, “Failure is not an option.”

We commend division staff, Division Superintendent Dr. Barbara Johnson and the school board, for not only implementing and agreeing to such verbiage, but for embracing it, allowing students to grow while they learn through the various new programming, activities and events the division is holding involving students, staff and the community.

Johnson said during a recent school board meeting the vision and mission were developed after a year-long series of forums where students, community members and staff were encouraged to provide input about the school system, its goals, merits and ways to improve. The meetings were hosted in part by Virginia marketing agency Dave Iwans & Associates Inc.

“I’m proud because we used community resources to get here,” Johnson said, regarding the school division establishing the vision and mission.

Johnson said the division and its students are more than up to the challenge — and we wholeheartedly agree with her.