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Students get ECMC scholarships

Ten students from Buckingham County High School (BCHS) are qualified to receive up to $6,000 to support their postsecondary education from the Educational Credit Management Corporation (ECMC).

The students are among 88 high school seniors in Virginia who completed the ECMC Scholars program and qualify for college scholarship aid this year, according to a press release from ECMC.

The BCHS students who completed the program and were awarded the scholarships are Briyonna Johnson, Endya Glover, Julia Moore, Daphne Turner, Paula Chambers, Mya Chambers, Hope Simmers, TreQuan Young, Jessica Haskins and Alyssa Roach.

The ECMC Scholars program is a two-year mentoring program that allows students to access financial aid up to $4,000 for their first year of college, then qualify for $2,000 the following year following completion of all requirements, according to the release.

The scholarship is not solely awarded to students for academic merit or test scores, but for students who showed promise and, in the program, spent their junior and senior years “building social and study skills and actively preparing for success in college,” the release cited.

ECMC is a nonprofit that provides students with access to financial literacy programs, scholarship access and resources for student loan management.

The organization is set to provide $540,000 in college scholarships to the 88 recipients who completed the program this year, according to the release.