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Police investigating break-in at Fuqua

Farmville Police are investigating a breaking and entering at the Fuqua School pool house following a complaint placed at 10:45 a.m. on July 24.

Police said items stolen included Gatorade, bottled water, an assortment of chips and an employee’s cell phone.

According to police, the food items stolen amounted to $35 and the cell phone was worth $500. No property was damaged in the break-in.

“It appeared entry was gained through one of the back doors possibly using a credit card to jimmy the lock,” police said. “This is the only area noted with muddy footprints at any of the entry (or) exit doors.”

Police said the area outside was canvassed and the same shoe prints were located in a muddy area behind the band room leading to the pool house.

“No fingerprints could be gathered as evidence due to employees touching numerous items in the pool house,” police said. “No video cameras were installed in the area for viewing.”

Fuqua Head of School John Melton said the school was evaluating whether or not the pool house was entered after hours, but without any firm evidence he was not inclined to comment.

The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this incident should contact the Farmville Police Department at (434) 392-3332.