Fuqua students receive recognition

Published 9:02 am Tuesday, August 8, 2017

One of the special awards given out at Fuqua Middle School is The J. Boyd Bagby Scholarship recognizing a returning ninth-grade student who best exemplifies the qualities of Bagby, a respected and dedicated educator.

According to a Fuqua press release, the value of this scholarship is $500 and will be applied towards tuition for the returning student.

“The student must be of sound character, cooperative, exhibit leadership abilities and reveal pride in family and school,” officials said in the release.

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This year’s recipient of The J. Boyd Bagby Scholarship was Brooke Coleman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Coleman, of Prospect.

Fuqua Middle School also recognized the following students for their outstanding achievements.

Prince Edward Ruritan Citizenship and Patriotism Award recipients include Mallory Brown and Grace Mau; the Social Studies Award went to Marya Dunning; the Denise Penick Art Award went to Jacob Dillon; the Technology Specialist Award went to Kassidy Knott; the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7059 Patriot’s Pen Essay Contest First Place award went to Tyler Harris and Kendall Moore received second place, Chandler Wright received third place and Jackson Whaley took fourth place.

Geography Bee participants included, sixth graders Chandler Wright coming in second place, James Royall coming in third place and Dalton Tucker as an alternate; seventh graders include Josh Huggard, participant; George Magnotti, participant; Ryan McKay, alternate; James Minix, alternate; eighth graders include Zach Eason, first place; and Catherine Rutherford, participant.

Farmville Woman’s Club Writing recognitions include sixth graders Mallory Brown, poetry, club level, first place; district level, second place; Hunter Melton, short story, club level, first place; district level, first place; state level, third place. Seventh graders include Maria Pack, poetry, club level, first place; district level, first place; state level, second place. Eighth graders include Mary Katherine Kendall, short story, club level, first place; district level, first place; and state level, third place.

Spelling Bee participants include sixth graders Holt Mason, runner up; Jacob Stickler, participant; James Royall, alternate; seventh graders Christian Cannady, participant; Hannah Myers, participant; Erica Chapman, alternate; George Magnotti, alternate; eighth graders Marya Dunning, winner; Ryan McKay, participant; Brooke Coleman, alternate and Kayla Knott, alternate.

Presidential Youth Fitness Award winners include Christian Cannady, Sebastian Cannady, Rachel Chernault, Marya Dunning, Elizabeth Hall, Josh Huggard, Kassidy Knott, Callie Major, Holt Mason, Hunter Melton, James Minix, Kendall Moore, Grace Puckett, Meredith Schmidt, Haley Short, Curstan Tharpe, Tanner Thomas, Dalton Tucker, Ran Vick and Sophie Watson.

Science Fair Winners included Elizabeth Hall, first place; Jacob Dillon, second place; Sarah Storm, third place; President’s Awards for Academic Excellence included Jackson Allen, Sebastian Cannady, Rhodes Cooper, Marya Dunning, Zach Eason, Luke Gee, Tyler Harris, Ryan Ledger, Andrew Lindsay, Ryan McKay, Margaret Grace Patterson, Bailey Rutherford, Catherine Rutherford, Savannah Stone, Sarah Storm and Sophie Watson.

Honor roll recognitions include sixth graders (for the first, second and third nine weeks) Briana Gee, Wade Haney, Callie Major, Evan Nichols, Alex Woods (all honors); Cole Atkins, James Royall, Haley Short, Dalton Tucker, Chandler Wright (all academic honors); Eva Gee, Kassidy Knott, Jordan Ledger, Holt Mason, Rachel Mason, Grace Mau, Kendall Moore, Grayson Newcomb, Matthew Pembelton, Grace Puckett and Jackson Whaley (all High Academic Honors); seventh graders Taylor Call, Christian Cannady, Erica Chapman, Macon Landis, Damian Pack, Ran Vick and Camden Wood (all honors); Jordan Johns, Braxton McClure, James Minix, Meredith Schmidt, Trey Stimpson and Tanner Thomas (all academic honors); Mallory Brown, Olivia Elam, Josh Huggard, George Magnotti, Hunter Melton, Hannah Myers and Hadley Puckett (all high academic honors); eighth graders Robin Ball, Rhodes Cooper, Jacob Dillon, Zach Eason, Kayla Knott and Katherine White (all honors); Jackson Allen, Sebastian Cannady, Rachel Chernault, Brooke Coleman, Elizabeth Hall, Ryan Ledger, Andrew Lindsay, Ryan McKay, Maria Pack, Margaret Grace Patterson, Bailey Rutherford, Catherine Rutherford, Jayden Seagle, Savannah Stone  and Sarah Storm (all academic honors); Marya Dunning, Luke Gee, Tyler Harris, Curstan Tharpe and Sophie Watson (all high academic honors).