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‘The truth shall set you free’


I read with great interest the column in “Your Views” in the June 28 issue of your paper and feel compelled to respond to James Peca’s biased, prejudiced and specious charges against President Donald Trump (“‘Trump has been in violation’”).

I don’t know what type of “government analyst” Peca was when he was employed by the government, but I sincerely hope that the analyses he did and conclusions he reached were more “fact-based” and logical than the charges he leveled against Trump.

It’s one thing for the career politicians to lie and distort the truth.

After all that’s what they get paid for apparently, but Peca should know better. It has been said “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

Try it, Peca, you may even get to like it.

Furman Joye