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Piedmont Junior Golf in Farmville

A group of 49 golfers participated in the Piedmont Junior Golf Tournament hosted by the Farmville Municipal Golf Course on Thursday.

“The feedback is the participants had a good time in spite of the heat,” said Monroe Preston, who helped organize the event.

The male and female low medalists for the tourney were Nathan Towery, in the boys 16- to 17-year old division, and Emily Erickson, in the girls 14-17 division, respectively. Towery shot a nine-hole score of 35, while Erickson shot a 37.

The tournament’s other division winners included Cole Williams, with a 42 in the boys 14-15 division, Thomas Bryant, with a 43 in the boys 12-13 division, Lindsey Towery, with a 56 in the girls 11-13 division, Will Johnson, with a 41 in the boys 10-11 division, Mary Katelyn Hite, with a 47 in the girls 7-10 division, and Parker Hite, with a 45 in the boys 7-9 division.

Twelve-year-old Austin Queensberry, of Prince Edward County, took second in the boys 12-13 division with a 51 and said he enjoys junior golf events like this tourney because of the competition and the opportunity play against people his own age.

“I think it helps me a lot because I think I play better with competition, and then I think it’s preparing me for middle school and high school which I plan and hope to play in,” he said.