Woman’s Club holds spring luncheon

Published 8:58 am Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Woman’s Club of Cumberland held its annual Spring Luncheon on May 4 in the Luther P. Jackson building at the Cumberland Middle School. According to a press release, there was great food provided by Bill Brandt, the school’s food service director, and the students of the Culinary Arts Program. Floral arrangements were provided by Catherine Fleischman’s Life Skills Class as well as table décor featuring “cow” motif items loaned by Jan Pennington.

“The Annual Library Raffle was held with Pat Willis winning the pound cake; Mary Smith, the afghan; Aletha Westerberg, the baby quilt; Lorraine Stinnett winning the original oil painting; and Jenny Bobko, the quilt,” officials said in the release. “All prizes were handmade by generous local supporters of the Woman’s Club and the Library.”

According to the release, the raffle raised more than $1,000 for the library.

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“Thanks to Juanita Urban and her team of artisans for another successful library raffle,” officials said in the release, “the Love Offering raised $118.96 for Operation Smile supplies to be sent during the summer.”

According to the release, the highlight of the luncheon, was the culmination of the “Kiss The Cow” contest.

“Last September, Georgeen Carden, our international outreach chairman, announced a contest to raise funds to make a donation to Heifer International,” officials said in the release. “Her goal was to raise $500 so we could purchase a Heifer for a family in need.”

The release cited that she distributed Heifer International coin boxes to all and “warned” them that the people with the lowest balances in their boxes in February would be designated to “kiss a cow” at the annual Spring Luncheon.

“And it worked. She announced that we raised over $500,” officials said in the release. “However, there was a small group in the lowest category and one member, Carolyn Foran, was selected to represent them.”

The release cited Foran was blindfolded and seated in a chair and handed a rope. She was told to pull on the rope to bring the cow in from the hallway, into the room.

“Suddenly, there was loud, repetitive mooing — that cow did not sound happy,” officials said in the release. “She pulled and pulled and suddenly the cow appeared to much raucous laughter. She, of course, was still blindfolded and didn’t know the reason for the laughter.”

“(It was a) great outcome for a village somewhere in the world,” officials said in the release. “If you want to be part of these kinds of activities, please join us when we start our next business year on Sept. 14, at 1:30 p.m. at Payne United Methodist Church.”