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Prince Edward Sheriff’s Office Activity Report

Total calls received: 306

Calls handled by dispatch: 58

Civil papers served: 156

Criminal papers served: 119

Transports of mental patients and prisoners: 7

Traffic stops: 42

May 18

• Rescue call on Holly Farms Road.

• Warrant service on Abilene Road.

• Suspicious subject on Indian Spring Road.

• Vehicle vandalism on Prince Edward Highway.

• Suspicious subject on Darlington Heights Road.

• Report only on Prince Edward Highway.

• Funeral traffic for Trinity Memorial Gardens.

• Vehicle unlock on Bush River Drive.

• Rescue call on Briery Way.

• Welfare check on Isham Road.

• Dumping trash on Pin Oak Road.

• Civil matter on Miller Lake Road.

• Accident at Granite Falls.

• Animal control requested on Venable Lane.

• Welfare check on Hardtimes Road.

• Civil matter on Mountain Creek Road.

• Suspicious vehicle on Farmville Road.

• Assistance needed on Gully Tavern Road.

May 19

• Vehicle vandalism on Germantown Road.

• Writ of possession on Vernon Street.

• Civil matter on Barton Road.

• Property damage on Smith Drive.

• Mental subject on Bush River Drive.

• Report only on Free State Road.

• Tree in road on Chappell Road.

• Tree in road on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Assistance needed on Eagle Drive.

• Hang-up call on Randolph Drive.

• Tree in road on Weaver Road.

• Stolen vehicle on Lockett Road.

• Child custody issues on Journey End Road in New Canton.

• Rescue call on Deerfield Drive.

• Rescue call on Thompson Drive.

• Report only at the Appomattox County Line.

• Suspicious incident on Tuggle Road.

May 20

• Rescue call on Prince Edward Highway.

• Warrant service on Ole Briery Station Road.

• Assistance needed on Cedar Avenue.

• Report only on Worsham Road.

• Traffic hazard on Route 460 East.

• Burglar alarm on Darlington Heights Road.

• Animal control requested on Stagecoach Road.

• Livestock in road on Bloomfield Drive.

• Accident on St. Johns Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Zion Hill Road.

• Rescue call on New Bethel Road.

• Vehicle fire on Holly Farms Road.

• Rescue call on Pine Knoll Road.

• Rescue call on Zion Hill Road.

• Assistance needed on Back Hampden Sydney Road.

• Loud noise on Redd Shop Road.

• Accident on Industrial Park Road.

• Assistance needed on Patrick Henry Highway.

• Loud noise on Heights School Road.

May 21

• Accident on Twin Bridges Road.

• Accident report on Zion Hill Road.

• Burglar alarm on Green Bay Road.

• Funeral traffic on Harris Creek Road.

• Accident on Meherrin Road.

• Stolen vehicle on Prince Edward Highway.

• Dispute on Darlington Heights Road.

• Rescue call on Moore’s Ordinary Road.

• Funeral traffic on Zion Hill Road.

• Assistance needed on Burlington Road.

• Rescue call on Abilene Road.

• Suspicious subject on North Main Street.

• Suspicious subject on Prince Edward Highway.

• Rescue call on Shady Grove Road.

May 22

• Vehicle repossession on Piney Grove Road.

• Disabled vehicle on Ashley Estate Drive.

• Assistance needed on West Randolph Drive.

• Disabled vehicle on Prince Edward Highway.

• Assistance needed on Third Street.

• Assistance needed on Sandy River Road.

• Writ of possession on Holiday Hills Drive.

• Mail Box vandalism on Zion Hill Road.

• Stolen property on Prince Edward Highway.