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Pipeline risks are ‘devastating’


Let’s ask if most people were aware of the full impact of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and other pipeline projects in Virginia?

What if they knew the effects this will continue to have on our property rights, health, air and water? In Hampton Roads there is recurrent flooding caused by sea-level rise, resulting in children losing school days and causing hardships for residents as they are forced to wade through high water to reach their schools, jobs and homes. The Naval infrastructure there is very concerned and has been discussing moving away. 

What if those polled were aware that private property for this project is taken through eminent domain, devaluing people’s property and diminishing its use? What if they knew that it blasted and bored through two national forests, numerous major and minor stream crossings and threatened drinking supplies for thousands of people?

What about risks of explosions that are well-documented and frighteningly often? What of the devastating effect this will have on people’s health here in Buckingham because of the location of the proposed 54,000 hp compressor station? What about the unpredictable costs of this project that will be passed on to all ratepayers? 

This very poll indicated that 69 percent were in favor of renewables.

If this is what most people actually want and it is possible right now, then why lock ourselves into a proliferation of fossil fuels for the next 20-40 years?

Chad Oba

President of Friends of Buckingham