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Police offer theft prevention tips

FARMVILLE — Police in Farmville are reminding residents to take time to secure vehicles, preventing theft as warmer weather arrives.

“By following a few safety tips, you can lessen the chances of becoming a victim of auto theft,” police said in a press release.

“Don’t leave keys in your car,” police advised in the release. “In many thefts, the keys were left in the ignition or in the console where they could be seen. Don’t make it easy on car thieves; take your keys with you,” police said in the release.

Police advise vehicle owners to lock their doors and windows. “Some auto thieves have said they would not take a chance with a vehicle that is locked. It is much easier to steal an unlocked car than one that is locked.”

“Never leave purses, wallets, GPS units or other valuables in your vehicle. Take them with you or secure them in the vehicle where they are out of sight,” police said in the release.

Police advise residents to park their vehicles near street lights or in a brightly-lit area.