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‘Past time’ for the pipeline


Opponents of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) continue to argue the project is not needed, only supporting their claims with studies done by organizations sympathetic to their cause. In most cases, this argument relies on oversimplifying a complex energy system.

As any smart business owner knows, if a less-complicated and less-expensive method will solve the problem, then that is the route you will most likely try to take. If existing infrastructure could in fact solve this issue with increased demand for natural gas, then we would not be having this discussion today. Instead, natural gas is quickly becoming the best source of clean, reliable and cheap energy.

Regions of Virginia desperately need access to this important source of fuel, and locally Kyanite has voiced how important the ACP is in allowing them to expand operations.

Natural gas infrastructure is not new in our country or state and has existed safely and almost unnoticed alongside Virginia residents for decades. One new pipeline built to the highest standards and with the best workers and equipment will not destroy our state or communities. Dominion owns and operates thousands of miles of natural gas infrastructure with little or no fanfare to our north.

It is past time for this project to be built so Virginia can work on improving our economy for all residents.

Scott Bazzarre