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‘Citizens must continue to protest for their lives’


Does Dominion’s new name reflect a new stance for the state’s energy monopoly? Apparently not.

At its annual shareholders meeting recently, shareholders and their proxies who brought up environmental issues were summarily dismissed. Outside the meeting, a large, vocal crowd demonstrated against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Windows at the shareholders meeting were draped to mask the view of the group on the street.

In rural Buckingham County, citizens are facing down a 53,000-plus horsepower compressor station as their next door 24/7 noisy, polluting bad neighbor. In Richmond, Dominion’s CEO Tom Farrell’s $20.1 million salary makes him the highest paid CEO of any utility company.

Dominion’s “green” image in its slick new commercials, and Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s “powerlessness” against fracked gas pipelines show their interest in maintaining the status quo flow of money. Until new leadership can change the direction of government and industry, citizens must continue to protest for their lives.

Deborah Kushner

Nelson County