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Answering the alarm

We applaud county supervisors in Buckingham for helping fill a critical need in approving an additional annual $50,000 toward each volunteer fire department in its fiscal year 2017-18 budget.

We believe the decision will reap many rewards and benefits for the people of Buckingham for many reasons — most importantly consistent, reliable and quality services from the county’s four volunteer fire departments.

We commend the support of supervisors for the hardworking men and women of the volunteer fire departments in Dillwyn, Arvonia, Toga and Glenmore. It’s evident supervisors understand the importance of adequate, reliable fire services to help the good people of the county in their darkest hours of need.

We thank District Six Supervisor Joe N. Chambers Jr. — a strong supporter of volunteer agencies across the county — for offering the motion to approve the funding request.

We’re also glad that Chambers stipulated that the money come from the county’s reserve for contingency — not from reserves for a new solid waste site at the former Bates’ Market and a new proposed county library — both of which are needed.

As we’ve said before, Buckingham doesn’t have four fire departments. It has four volunteer fire departments, meaning not one person who responds to any incident receives one penny of payment for their time, energy and work they put into serving their community while away from their families during supper time or while missing needed sleep before waking up at 5 a.m. to go to work.

Just as volunteers respond to alarms for fire calls, supervisors heard the call and responded.