School lunches set to increase

Published 12:35 pm Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dr. Cecil Snead

Following similar action in Prince Edward County Public Schools, lunch prices at Buckingham County Public Schools are set to increase beginning in the next school year.

Lunch prices will rise from their current cost of full-price lunches, $2.25, to $2.35.

Division Superintendent Dr. Cecil Snead said changes were due to federal requirements from the National School Lunch Program.

One specification is reviewing lunch prices each year.

“The factors are completely tied to the federally-supported National School Lunch Program,” Snead said. “To meet the federal requirements, lunch prices are to be reviewed annually.”

Prince Edward County Public Schools has also changed the price of school lunches, a full-price lunch costing $2.30 from $2.25, though the cost of breakfast has stayed the same at $1.25.

The change, similar to that in Buckingham, will take effect during the next school year.

Snead said reviews of lunch prices are conducted by the division’s cafeteria administration, noting that prices cannot be increased more than a rate of 10 cents per year.

Ivan “Chip” Davis, director of facilities, uses a form from the United States Department of Agriculture to help determine the annual cost. 

Ivan Davis

The form, Davis says, helps compare the cost of the student lunch with the reimbursement rate.

Snead and Davis said that Buckingham County receives a current reimbursement rate of $3.24 for each student eligible to receive a free lunch.

Though changes to the lunch prices will take place next school year, Snead said other programs will stay the same, including continuing free breakfast for all students.

“We are pleased that all of our children can start the day with a free meal,” Snead said.